Valley of the Moon, Continued …

It is so hard to document work in progress, because I know where I’m headed with this — I suppose it’s not looking so badly at the moment, however — my problem, per painting, per pastels, is that different pigments (paints, pastels) are either thick in application, or kinda thin, so there is a whole once over, final smoothing to go over —

the keyboard has pastels in Earth tones all over it — yay! although I washed my hands, because I’m wearing all white today because it was Sunny — I’m a very clean person, Jason tells me, and fellow painters wonder why I don’t get messy when I paint, Ida know — so my fingers are dusty again, now from the keyboard — that’s good!

I love my camera, by the way — from which I’m able to give you these pics as I go along — it is great practice for me to have to use it and focus my dimming eyesight on it — it was and is a big investment for us and we are thankful: Nikon D300 — for camera geeks? I wonder — but it’s a lovely instrument, that’s for sure, and I’m grateful for it —

God forbid there be a flood or fire, but I would grab my camera, the important documents binder — we looked into insurance for all of our equipment, musical instruments, and we couldn’t afford to protect it — and why live in fear? but I ‘m a big fan of colocation of data.  That said, I just say I’m blessed and go forward and pray for good weather and sensible neighbors.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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1 Response to Valley of the Moon, Continued …

  1. Jason Paul Stelluto says:

    This is looking beautiful sweetie and you are a very clean person! I love you! 🙂

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