New Work and the News

Hello there! I am not feeling as at peace as I did for most of yesterday, I’m a bit down, a bit edgy. It is a process to get back to peace, I guess.

I looked at photographs I have been collecting on my drafting table, of ones I want to paint next, and it is a long list! However, I was able to decide to make a new 22 x 28 painting of a photo from Utah (we think, it’s not credited) in an advertisement from National Geographic, from, like, a year ago? it says it took 4 billion years or something to make, is full of layers of curvy creams and rust — so I’m going to take on the challenge, for it is very detailed. Fun! Will share my progress on the new work in this blog, as I did for the last one.

So Valley of the Moon gets taken down and put away between sheets of glassine for now. I wish you could see it for real! It glows. It really did take on its own life, separate from the original photo, but I let it go there and now I like it for its structures and curves and colors …

A gray but warmer day today and I’m most grateful for that. A girlie day, too, so that’s good. We’re expecting a load of snow tomorrow night, hopefully that won’t cause too many problems for folks.

I was so moved to tears, anguish, yesterday looking at CNN, just checking in on the world. I get so upset by events sometimes that I can’t watch the news or check CNN, and Jason will let me know the pertinent events. That is what I had to do with Hurricane Katrina, because I got so upset before it even hit the coast — unimaginable horror ensued and there were many restless nights, as I’m sure it was unsettling for everyone.

All I can do is remember all the great things that are happening all around the world all the time, that the world is balanced and righting itself at the same time, karma, the give and take.  That’s one thing, among many, that I learned working for social issues for so many years — the fight doesn’t stop — keep working to change the world for the better, for true progress, every day. There are so many good people out there doing great things every day — but it doesn’t sell advertising as well as the darkness does.

When I meditate sometimes I focus on feeling connected to the larger wholeness of the universe, and it is more profound and simple every time I try. I send out all the goodness I have out into the universe, all the healing I can imagine for every hurt.  I imagine that it works, and I feel restored, clean, not empty, from the exercise in spiritual, universal compassion, unconditional love. Maybe the energy helps, maybe it doesn’t, but it can’t hurt, eh?

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1 Response to New Work and the News

  1. Jason Paul Stelluto says:

    Hey there! Just hang in there, feel your feelings, continue to be the wonderful person you are and share all the light you have to offer the world sweetie! You are doing just fine! I love you! 🙂

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