The Fever

Exciting title for a not so exciting day. Yesterday I developed some kind of chest cold or flu, fever, achies, coughing — lovely — but Jason and Chipper are on the case to care for me today so I’m very blessed.

Supposed to get my haircut at 10 — yay — but, not sure with the snow we got overnight and my being sick are going to let that happen. I know it would cheer me up — we’ll see how it goes.

Also hoping to work on the sketch for the new work today when I get a burst of energy, if that happens. It’s so hard for me to rest so much — I get very bored and restless and I’m consoled thankfully through meditation, reading, and creative visualization: Martinique, umbrella drink, on the beach in a lovely swaying bed on the sand, the white curtains on the four poster shielding me from the Sun — an alternative visualization is walking through fields, or forest, or meditating with a complete assortment of folks at a yoga retreat by the beach, with huge tall open windows so we can hear and smell, feel the wind coming off the surf — and again with the long billowing curtains — works for me — like time travel, or as close as I get —

Watching Tous les Matins du Monde again on Netflix, prolly finish it with Jason sometime when I’m up for it today — love this strange, beautiful movie — saw it first and got the soundtrack, at the Key Theater in Georgetown, where I used to frequently visit back in the nineties. Wore the cassette out and now we can get it on Amazon soon — very cool —

I have good news about a show but I have to sit on the news until it’s official — can’t wait to tell you — I’m very blessed yet again!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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