Turning of the Tide

I can’t express to you what a change it was when the first antibiotic started the fight against this fever thing I’ve had since Tuesday mid-day. It’s a low-down fight, primal, to the death of the crud, and it’s putting up a fight. So wierd, but I guess it is part of Nature after all, just don’t come after me!

Night after night of sleeplessness, difficulty breathing, racking coughs, sinus pressure, body aches, and low grade fever. Overnight the fever would increase. Get this, our thermometer broke Tuesday night. “Use the meat thermometer for now. We’ll get another one soon,” Jason said. Bizarre, pointy, metallic thing, I would watch the numbers rack up higher, usually stopping at 99, sometimes 100 something, then last night 101.4 and still no antibiotic in hand.

I know I built up a lot of stress/cortisol levels during this time, not only from the stress of being so sick without relief — we were taking liquids, Mucinex, Advil — round the clock — to no avail — but also because of our inability to get a full night’s rest — because we were so uncomfortable as the fevers rose overnight —

So it’s a battle for my immune system — all I want to do is sleep — instead life is very surreal and full of ghosts — which will pass with the fever — this delirium happens to me when I get feverish — and I still have a low grade fever — but I feel the tide turning —

The new chakra crystals came today — and they are beautiful to the eye and in the hand — I’m thrilled — when I’ve come off the fever and feel better for a while I’ll get to meditating with them.

Best of all, though, I am beginning to be able to breathe, really breathe again, and my sense of smell returned a few hours ago. We’re going to win this thing after all!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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