Balancing Out

So the good news is that I am honored to have been accepted into “Emergence: Contemporary Artists to Watch” at Galerie Myrtis, in Baltimore, MD. I am so thrilled that the show will feature two of my new industrial photographs from last July’s photo trip to Nashville. More details to come.

Sadly, the solo show which was to be held in conjunction with the Menare Foundation’s benefit concert has been postponed, so stay tuned for more details later in the year as we make plans for another venue.

Slept through the night it would seem, by comparison. I take Lunesta for chronic insomnia, and it usually works like a charm, giving me a full night’s sleep. But I know something is up if it doesn’t work, too much stress, that sort of thing. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to take two Lunesta’s and barely got any sleep, still, Thursday I just took the one and slept for 2.5 hours then was wide awake all night. Last night I woke up again after one Lunesta, at 9:40. I knew I needed the sleep so I took another and woke up at three am, then fell asleep again.

More sleep and rest today, but the change she is a coming. I can feel it.

Hey, so I hadn’t told you, but our upstair neighbors’ kids were playing and flooded their apartment. Nice. I heard the water pattering down, nothing I had heard the like of before up there. So I reported it to the office and they went up. An adult female, babysitter? answered the door and said nothing was wrong. Then moments later, three young children went to the office to say there’s a flood in 202. Thankfully, they were able to keep the bedroom from flooding above us, but had to replace the carpet upstairs and in my closet.  I was so scared, seeing the water dripping in on my sweaters and dresses, skirts, that I moved everything to the bed — good timing, because it start pouring and splattering everything. They’re coming back today to fix the carpet in there and then I can return everything to normal, but for now there are piles of clean clothes everywhere.

Just makes you shake your head, how could it get any worse, so we ordered a pizza — perfect!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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