Didn’t get to sleep until 5 am and somehow kept getting up and getting water, etc. all night, coughing the whole time. I decided on a policy of no gratuitous coughing. No drama. Just process and form, get the stuff on out. So much congestion. I thought I was through yesterday and then got hit by a big wave, from where I know not. Here I thought we had averted the oncoming train with the antibiotic. Mixed metaphors abound.

Jason can attest that this is the worst flu he’s ever had, either, to the chills and sweats, the stomach pain on coughing, the whole mess we’re in. At five am the coughing just stopped for me. All night I had worried about keeping people from sleeping because of the loudness and severity of my coughing and then there was this silence. I’ll take it. Slept until 8 am, when I woke myself up coughing.

It was like the healing waters of Lourdes in the bath today, like I hadn’t washed for days, and I, as Jason affirmed earlier with me, am a very clean person. A bit obsessed with it, perhaps, but the house is more of a spa because of it, which we both like. Not that I don’t love and respect a good sweat, especially from gardening or exercising, but, well, you know.

Color theory: it was all the colors. Going through this I feel the whole spectrum of life and death it seems. Getting better at it. I have always felt an association and value for every color of the rainbow. Don’t get me started on how exciting mixing paints is or touching the pastels … soon …

Getting the haircut at 1 today so I got girlie for the occasion.  All black, except for a new J.Crew (another obsession) super 120s dress wool gray draped mini that I have been watching since Fall and it came on SALE — snap! — elastic waistband was a surprise and today, although I have lost weight along with my appetite this week, I am grateful for the ease at the waistline.

Another splurge from a month ago, some red Chanel lipstick when I did my makeup this morning. Who’s feeling somewhat better now?

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