I actually slept through the night. Had a very involved dream that now I can’t remember at all. No importa.

I’d like to say I’m better today. I was able to go out and get my haircut, and it looks faboo. always feel like a newly washed pup when I get my haircut and have the urge to run around and play. So that’s a blessing.

Have a pt appointment at 2. I think it’s fair to say I won’t need to go anymore, but that conversation needs to be documented, proper closure for the time being.

I pulled out all the crystals yesterday and had fun with them. If fun means something lovely to admire and hold on to in the thick of things like this.

The smoky quartz point stayed in my left hand, my receiving hand, for almost the whole afternoon, until it was hot to the touch. One of the large amethyst clusters in the sending right hand, likewise. I did do a full crystal meditation and it gave me a bit of brightness, but as Jason said, “You’re having trouble seeing the positives today, aren’t you?” That’d be right. Hangin in there.

Do you collect things? I do. I have a collection of rocks, of seashells, bracelets, costume jewelry. I pulled out a huge flat bowl, white with pale blue markings, for the dresser that Great Aunt Ladybug left me, and put all (!) my bracelets in there. That would be a girlie fact.

Girlie fact #2: Loving the charcoal gray, fleshy peach, Chanel red combo today. It cheers me to dress again.

Ladybug had quite the collection of costume jewelry, which, sadly was broken up and given away (to strangers!) mostly when she passed. It also was fabulous, like her dress suits and dresses, shoes, scarves, which apparently were too “stained” to keep. I was not in a position to argue at the time. What I wouldn’t do for that costume jewelry collection now, tho mostly it was clip-on earrings and extremely bold, colorful stuff. I miss her, and am glad for the memories and what I do have of hers, treasures.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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