Salamanders? Really …

Had two nightmares last night, leaving me shaken and a bit edgy and irritable inside. One was about working in social advocacy in Tennessee back in the day when things were so stressful I had to leave the state. The other was wierd, salamanders in my mother’s kitchen house plants, trying to get ready for work and all my clothes and purse (phone, billfold!) were mixed in with like five other people — identity crisis? — heh, Ida know.

Listened to National Ransom by Elvis Costello this morning and it cheered me up, even singing in harmony along with it here and there, no longer with the frog voice of a few weeks ago. Again, where’s the Grammy love?

Yesterday I went to the swim center for the first time in over a year and a half, and it was MARVELOUS, even though it was busy, no lanes open. I walked in the water until I was tired, then the hot tub, then the delicious Summery sauna sweat. Made me feel GREAT! Hoping to go twice a week now.

Did my yoga again this morning and I’m really getting into a groove, so I’m trying to hold each pose for at least five breaths.  Really helps me stay limber and not run into things around the house, ha! Read in Yoga Journal about a woman who started practicing yoga when she was sixty-five and now she’s eighty-five and feels so grateful for it. What an inspiration! I want to add some more simple, strengthening poses I’ve seen to my practice over time.

Have to clean the house mightily this morning because a friend is coming over this afternoon.  Jason did so much to clean it up last weekend but we still have the back bedroom and bathroom to go, so I’m ON it! That will be a nice feeling. A load of whites in the washer to hang up — so fresh!

Hoping to finish Utopia I today as well, practice singing and pull out my second novel for a major rewrite I’ve been thinking about. Looking forward to a productive day!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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