Luscious Rain

Oh, it’s a luscious rain out there and so warmmm today! I can really feel that Spring will be here … soon? eventually? of course!

Made lots of progress on Utopia I but am almost ready to let it go and start the next one, which I think will be much stronger, a) because it has a tree in it, and b) because I can be more expressive with it and less literal, which I’m not super-good at. Hee.

Found a new singles site for my friend who is looking, in the back of Yoga Journal She and I looked for potentials for her last night and she seems pleased. yay! kind of wierd, but I guess it’s better than ye olde meate markets.

So to painting and singing now — I did pull out the notes and draft for Aunt Nell’s Time Machine yesterday, and got a bit overwhelmed with all the multiple plot lines and directions it could go, but in a good way, so I’m more likely to be getting into writing mode again, which is a whole different way of being, when the story becomes part of my life.

Dreamed last night that we were renting a lovely modern home in a nice neighborhood with the potential for true gardening! All the neighbors invited us over to one neighbor’s home and we just hung out and introduced ourselves, etc. Everyone was stable in their own personhood so there was no competitiveness or insecurity — oh, yeah! it was a dream, but it was a nice one, a very good feeling to be among happy folks.

Happy Friday!!

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