The Feeling of Flying, Twice

Nice, fresh long walkies with Chipper just now — can really feel the warmth returning although I should have also worn a scarf and gloves. We almost met a Springer Spaniel puppy but he was too energetic and unpredictable for Chipper, who growled, so his loss. By now we know almost all the walked dogs in the neighborhood, saying hi across the street, been a while since I’ve seen you, waving down the way to the library, that sort of thing, very nice little community.

That being said, there are some young ones in our complex who we take issue with, and are working with the management to restrain, refine their behavior, like breaking glass on the sidewalks, throwing snowballs at each of our windows, not respectful or nice to live around. Last night at 1:39 am Jason had to go out and tell some neighbors to quiet down, where they were just chatting up a storm outside our bedroom window. Could be worse, but I think it explains my lovely neighborhood dream two nights ago where everyone was chill.

Had two awesome dreams where I was flying with a laptop last night — I love the feeling of flying — had to go to warp speed to escape my situations twice —

Almost finished with Utopia II! It is a much simpler painting and flows really well, so should be posting on my site, etc. later today. I would post it here but I only have the sky left — not far at all from completion.

We’re hoping to exercise, to record some vocals, and tomorrow we deliver artwork and pick up invitations to the Galerie Myrtis show on March 12! So excited, what an honor. If you live in the area, please let me know if you would like a paper invite and I’ll send ya one.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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