Lovely, Fearsome Things

Saw two beautiful golden hawks soaring over the dental office yesterday, perfect timing and in awe. Saw another puffed out in the cold morning air, on a tree branch by the bog. Lovely, fearsome things.

Not only crashed yesterday after the dental appointment but into migraine territory again, which lasted through the night into this morning when Jason was saying goodbye for the morning commute. He gave me Excedrin Migraine and heated up the moist heating pad again for me. Now I’m fine, just with the low grade neckache/headache I usually have.

Going to Alexandria this morning to meet my mother-in-law, Arlene, for lunch! woo! Her choice, so it’s a surprise. Fun!

Had a delay in the painting when I was studying the other Kauai pieces, because I was out of Mars Black, so was able to re-up on that and Neutral Gray yesterday. Hopefully will be up for painting this afternoon, jonesing for it.

Swimming at 9 am yesterday was awesome, was actually able to get a lane, even though the place seems to be busy nonstop. I’m so glad to see such a nice public park facility, so well-used. Swam laps until my legs were cramping, then the hot tub, then the sauna, where three older men were talking about investments. One of them said that the difference between a worker and a boss was that the boss was a risk-taker and the worker just wanted job security. What about being an artist? I thought, and decided I’m a risk-taker as well, also a lovely, fearsome thing … the risk …

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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