Was able to paint some yesterday and it was wonderful to set the new palette with the fresh colors and then mix them up in small batches, variations of depth, to start.

It’s nice to see the painting taking shape …

Seeing two doctors on Monday about the daily headaches/migraines and stomach upset: my PCP and my GYN — hopefully we can figure it out, ’cause it’s driving me nuts to be in pain every day, on top of my regular stuff.

Still doing yoga every day and the long walks with Chipper each morning are awesome!

Watched Eat, Pray, Love from Netflix this week and thoroughly savored it, although it was very hard in the beginning to see her running away from her life, seemingly, so frightening, but cathartic ultimately to see someone following her bliss/balance so deeply. Quest Pyschology sounds good to me, for me, within the current bounds and frontiers of my life: meditation, yoga, art, love, not so much with the eating pasta. hee

Was behind a vehicle labelled Frontier the other day — does anyone else get a laugh out of the names of cars, streets and lipsticks? Irony, sadness, beauty of the words, ultimately, laughter …

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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