No, not that test, thank you …

So I received a B12 shot this morning, in case it will resolve or lower the largish size of my red blood cells. We’ve been watching them go up and down since 2003, but now they are rather large or something, at 104, whatever that means. I go back in May to get more bloodwork done, and if the shot worked, then I don’t have to have blood drawn from my bone marrow. Think positively if you will for me on that one.

As for the migraines, from the PCP perspective, not sure what’s causing them, since I’m on a preventive medication now, which she raised. She also gave me an onset prescription to take if I feel one coming on. Okay. I’m getting them every day. I’ll figure that one out.

From the GYN perspective, not sure if the estrogen is causing the migraines at this point, so a low low estrogen pill for two months, if not, we’ll switch to progesterone pill. She said it can be “tricky” this time of life. Tell me. No, don’t tell me that, dear. Regular mammogram and pelvic sonogram prescriptions, pretty normal stuff this time of life.

I’m a bit scared, a bit frustrated, no a LOT frustrated, wanting a simple answer. Hmm. More meditation is prescribed by me.

Other than that, a very sunny, lovely day. Saw the Sun gloss off the tops of the wings of a crow while I was eating a wonderful Whole Foods sammie in the parking lot at the GYN.

Will rest a bit, then up for painting I hope. Tomorrow is a new day. Spring is still on the way, right?

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