Hot Pink … Mwah!

Don’t know if you can see this properly, may need to double-click on it? Anyhoo, it’s inspired from the Muse section at the end of the most recent issue of Garden Design, our last issue, so they tell me, unless we re-subscribe. Ahem.

So, get this, they have a special in that issue on Rhododendrons, one of my favorite forest bloomers. This photo was taken by Toma Babovic in 1995, “near the village of Arisaig in the Scottish Highlands …” apparently after a frost, which caused all the hot pink Rhodie blossoms to fall to the forest floor. Oh my. I’m quite smitten, even though the hot pink will be the last color to go in. It immediately reminded me of the lush, huge trees of Cumberland Island, and then the pink — mwah!

So, getting ready right now to paint the wet-black branches, mmm … I love it when it rains and the forest turns black and charcoal and green — in the Summer, mostly, although the greens of Spring and the fiery leaves of Autumn are a sure bet for oooh’s and ahh’s of inspiration as well.

My head is still hurting so badly, but this message brought to you by Cupcake Winery’s Chardonnay, don’t you know — the second glass sparkling so, rainbows in the glass that Jason’s Mom gave us the first year we were dating? or the second? twelve, and they are quite brilliant and festive, always. The same Chardonnay we served at our Art Open House last November — Yum! It’s a nice break from the pain.

I’m going to get them to make sure these migraines are not pre-leukemia while they’re at it — it’s really not fair that they come with insomnia and night sweats and perimenopause. I’m a stickler for a proper diagnosis. Rule it out, so I can sleep better, knowing the truth, one way or the other. I think I’m a fatalist. Do it. Be done. Lemme know.

A brilliant day today, tomorrow and the next day, rain, but warm — predicting black and charcoal coals, maybe with a splash of red? who knows. Friday, warm, with trickles, maybe jeans — ahh how I miss them in the heat of Summer — may have to get some jean shorts, to make it through. Silly. but fun. still enjoying the $30 Chanel lipstick. Nuff said.

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