Fiji Progress

Yesterday evening I had 3 to no pain (before it spiked mightily after painting) and was able to paint the black trees, which I believe will eventually have lime highlights — we’ll see. Today I’ve struggled with a great deal of pain, frustration and fatigue, but was able to get through to the neurologist, who prescribed that I come off the Aleve (yes) and come onto the generic for Mobic twice a day, which I took at three pm. After about an hour, my body aches were down to 3 and my migraine down from 8 to 7, which allowed me to do this:

Thinking of Picasso’s Guernica and Matisse’s paper collages, which you may or may not see, no matter, it’s there for me. I am experimenting with shades of green and what is bright now may be brighter still or darker yet, later on, we shall see.

Now I can rest again.

It’s a lovely warm day and the humidity is nice, soothing. Chipper is quite relaxed in the midst of the bedclothes and the newest ISLANDS Magazine, which so far is too overwhelming to open past the amazing, intense cover.

Can’t imagine ten people dying or dead, much less over 21,000 or so many hungry and in turmoil around the world. Peace, healing, relief, rest, out for now.


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