Testing, 1, 2, …

Because indeed I had two tests today, none too few! (hee) Lord, I hate mammograms, but what can you do? Not a huge fan of sonograms, but at least this time I didn’t have to drink tons of water first, etc. And they’re DONE! I was so out of it this morning, so not INTO it, that I was not quite myself: I was late, and I was not carrying my doctor’s order. Sigh. They know me very well over there and were patient with me, but note to myself, I couldn’t stand myself, and it will not happen again. They are too nice to me there to be disrespectful of their time and needs again.

There was this nice older lady there, also there for her mammogram I learned, who struck up a conversation with me because I smiled and her and made eye contact while we were waiting. She said her husband always would say that she didn’t need doctors for those tests, why didn’t she just let him do all the testing she needed? We laughed. You do need a specialist, I said. She nodded. He passed in 1991, but she said it was like yesterday, and I said I was sorry for her loss. Spring is coming, though, I said, and she reminded me of the Barbisol (sp?) road signs she used to see along the highway with Spring sayings. I spared her the one my father used to tell me about the early bird getting the worm, because it hurts to tell it now.

I nodded at CNN, which was showing highlights of Elizabeth Taylor’s lovely features and acting, philanthropic moments. She said she had been thinking of her lately, wishing her mercy, that it was time for her to pass. She said she was born one year after Taylor, in 1933 and I shook my head, thinking of all I knew of movies, of history in and around that time, speechless. We both kind of stuttered out about how much things had changed for good and for ill since then and kind of found a balance. Then she said she wanted great-grandchildren more than anything, and went off talking about all of her children and their ages and locations and marriage and childless status, etc. Eventually she went off to sit and wait.

The bombing of the Jerusalem bus (?) station had just happened and I watched and tried not to watch, because my head was killing me, hoping that not to many people were injured, etc. Then they called my name.

I was going to try to go swimming post-test, but felt really bad, my headache at a 9, so came home, took another Mobic, which has been helping somewhat! and to eat lunch, finish my coffee from this morning, and PAINT!

I didn’t paint at all yesterday, feeling blue and in less physical pain but still a lot, and just couldn’t get behind the brush for an edge or a stroke, so I let it be. Really enjoyed the warm, sunny day, though it spiked my head each time I was outside in it.

So here it is for the moment, because I am at the joy of it now:

That’s a dark green I’ve been painting today, you can’t really distinguish it in the light, but just so you know. I was painting the edge of the last painting in black and was looking around for more things to paint black, and remembered the song, Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones from when I was growing up. That song made so very much sense then. So I decided to focus on darker tones for a while, and now I’m to mid-tones.

The birds are slowly eating the feeder seed down, now that they have so many live things to eat, which makes me happy. The chickadees, robins, cardinals and sparrows are abundant. Spring, although snow is tentatively forecast for Sunday, is coming!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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