Shades of Spring

Chipper and I are just in from lovely wet walkies in the warmish Spring rain, towel-dried, my outerwear and scarf drying on the back of the couch. We met fellow dog-friend Chips and this time they didn’t bark at one another. We saw each other again around the bend, much wetter and the conversation much shorter. Amazing how delightful rain can be when you don’t mind getting wet and it’s not freezing out.

The Tulip Trees are dropping their sage green husks and blooming pale pink and wet, and today, dripping with water. The Cherry Trees are also blooming a darker pink, and the Maples are dark red buds on the black paved sidewalk. Chipper just left my side for bed, and will soon be fast asleep, as is his morning habit.

This morning I have the most amazing luxury: an hour massage, much-needed for all my achies, and as TIME Magazine‘s recent article on Understanding Pain states, massage is one of the quick fixes for pain management. Well, there you go. Like we needed to hear that, but if the medicine works … so I’m very much looking forward to that at 10:30.

The night before last, I was singing my heart out in my dreams. Then Jason said he thinks it’s time to record a vocal this weekend. We’ve been kind of holding off because I’ve been in so much pain lately. So yesterday I practiced to Patty Griffin for forty-five minutes and was so warmed up, Oh, Heavenly Day! and Standing! — practiced Chris Whitley’s Valley of the Innocents and Solid Iron Heart, no problem, but Scrapyard Lullaby — kicked my butt, it’s so very hard! And that’s the one we have a rough, scratch vocal for, but it needs a new one, so I will work and work and work on it until I have the changes and it it smoove!

Worked with a lot of pain yesterday on a painting jag, and singing jag and went to bed with very high levels. Didn’t sleep well, four nightmares, the last of which woke me up and got me up at 5:30 this morning, but it’s been a good day so far, going with it. Here is the painting before I start today:


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