Vantage Point?

The massage, of course, felt wonderful! She could have gone on for hours, as far as I was concerned, yes …

but no, it was not to be, heh … there are limits to these things … another time, for sure!

It is much cooler today, so bundled up and even Chipper seemed a bit shivery and impatient, although he was pensive and reflective towards the end. “Vantage Point?” I ask him? and he seems to understand that yes, a crossroads, crosswinds, something in the air he must understand, so we pause and reflect. Not bad for either of us, really.

Wore my sunglasses, preemptively, because I was starting with a ringer this morning. Didn’t sleep well again. The worst nightmare ever, and I mean it. A home invasion one, and it was AWFUL. Shakes head. So woke up with about a 9 for the head and about a 7 for body aches from not sleeping well. Spirits not so good today, not really caring how I look or feel or, whatever, really. It will pass, with rest, with time, with feeling it, with it being Friday at last.

Here is the painting as I left it yesterday, with new olives and fatigues and emerald greens …

… I’m excited to bring it to closure, to find the final balance and pop, depth and rhythm and swing.

Happy Friday and Happy Spring!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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