Back to the Positive

I’d like to say that the Migranal is a complete success, but I think we are waiting for the full dose and effects of the Topomax to kick in, which is some weeks from now, if not days. I can say that so far today I have been able to stay up past my normal eleven AM spike, that the headache actually went down a bit without an extra Mobic, which I’m holding off on, because I can’t pick up the prescription of Migranal until it’s delivered to the pharmacy at 2 PM at the earliest. This is craziness, I know. But we’re hangin’ in there.

I was able to paint on Saturday night, none at all yesterday, and here is the painting thus far. I need to shape up the water to the bottom left:

Did succeed this morning in submitting another grant proposal to help with funding the teaching project for the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah in July, because without grant funding we simply cannot do it, we realized. So fingers crossed! We shall see. And, of course, I need to be quite healthy by then. Shakes head. Surely by then!

It was like I was out of shape walking this morning, and yesterday morning too, although I slept well both nights, either because of the effects of having migraines for so long, or from doubling up on the Topomax, or the Migranal. Like, out of breath, hard to walk, low energy, weak. Bah. Something’s gotta give. Quite frustrated at times, but I work very hard to get back to the positive attitude when I get down or mad. I do have hope, and a great support network. Here’s to a better week than the last one!


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