Good to Great

Great news! All was normal on my mammogram and sonogram! Yay! I needed that. Le sigh and smiley face. πŸ™‚ More good news, the Topamax seems to be getting more into my system and helping to bring these breakthrough migraines down, because they will spike and then a few minutes later they will come down “on their own” which has not been happening before.

I slept well, with only one nightmare (feral cats, anyone?) and woke with a headache of 8 and body aches of 5, and body shakes all over. After bath, my headache was down to 5, so I did my yoga and during our long walk I did find, despite the feeling that my body was getting used to itself all over again, that I had slightly more energy and motor control than I’ve had in the past few days, so, progress!

Was unable to get the prescription of Migranal because my insurance company requires pre-authorization so still waiting, but not as much rush for it now that the Topamax is helping so much more.

Was able to paint a tiny tiny bit yesterday, still a bit more to go in the water and touch-ups here and there:

So, progress and good to great news on a few fronts, whew! Finally!


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7 Responses to Good to Great

  1. Kate/luna says:

    terrific news! i’ve been on topamax for two years now and had only one minor migraine since. (although i never had anything close to what you’re experiencing.) however you arrive at a pain-free spot, i’m cheering you on!

  2. Kate/luna says:

    spaciness i still have occasionally, and especially if i drink coffee, tea, or alcohol. for the first couple of months i had lots of limb tingles and was clumsy. but i decided to press on and (for me) it was worth it.

    • amyjacksoncc says:

      racing heart? exhaustion? yeah I can get used to the whole thing if I won’t have a day like yesterday — in time — I’m slowly becoming a Topamax — thanks for the support — it means a lot!

  3. Kate/luna says:

    Oof, forgot about racing heart – I’m totally used to it now. I still have that. I actually have a second prescription to tame it. But I also have anxiety issues, so that second guy is partially to help me sleep/stay calm… we couldn’t really figure out if my heart was racing from Topamax or because I find life so darn exhilarating. πŸ™‚ Maybe both.

    Since you are already so aware of your body and health, I’m sure you already do this, just keep note of what time of day/how long symptoms last and tell your doc so they can adjust dosage/keep you healthy.

    • amyjacksoncc says:

      Yeah, I’m keeping a diary of everything and keep giving it to the doc every now and then so he’s aware, and he’s very attentive in this phase since I haven’t stabilized yet. I also have anemia or something so that can account for the exhaustion. We shall see. Hopefully I won’t need to go onto any other meds at the moment. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, again, for staying in touch and for your support. It means a lot!

  4. Kate/luna says:

    You are so very welcome! I hope you find the relief you seek *soon*!

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