Pedernal Progress II

Most of the day I’ve been under wraps of ice, and moist heat to chest, a combination I learned, as night nurse (great Reggae song, btw) to myself, to be very therapeutic and sometimes leading to sleep and definitely a pain reducer.

I took the Migranal a bit before noon and it took about an hour and a half to get down to something I could work with, so I was able to paint a bit — yay! I worked on the lower middle left section, the first blue in the piece, actually a mix of dove gray and blue, the same blue as the sky. I decided on a later time up that I needed to do the whole sky to see what that contrast would be like, because the blue in the mountain seemed so very odd there, and now it makes more sense to me. So many colors in the photograph! I’m very excited to see it begin to drip and develop:

I’m using Schmincke pastels almost exclusively, for their softness, incredible! and Grumbacher secondly — also for softness — and both for their high pigment quality. Awesome! ¬†Learning how to layer one color over another and when to blend and when not to — when to start over — highlighting, etc., when it becomes more like painting. Things really took off when I was able to start adding rust to the top of the mountain, doncha know, this morning. (if you know me)

I am beginning to take the tiniest bits of creative license, but for the most part am keeping to the colors and shapes in the photograph as much as possible. When I’ve taken that as far as I can, I will have to give it a bolder sensibility, definitely. It is still far too delicate, even for the photograph.

Because of my aches and migraines, we are only able to watch movies for small bits at a time, which is very frustrating. This weekend we are watching Secretariat and are about halfway through. What a time capsule. Flashbacks anyone? Yes. Well done all around so far and enjoying it thoroughly.

Off for more soothing activities again, as my pain levels are up again. Hoping for better sleeping tonight — last night I awoke at 11 PM and wasn’t able to sleep again until around 3:30 AM — argh — all in all I got four hours of sleep, bookending a period of four hours in which I ate the rest of the Lo Mein, listened to Achtung Baby, and figured out the aforementioned heat/ice arrangement. Wish me luck, if ye will. Happy Weekend, still!

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