Tornados in MD? Whaa?

Woke up at 5 AM and got on tornado watching duty with Chipper, blink, blink — fortunately soon it was downgraded from a warning til 10 AM for our county to a watch til 10 AM, then T-storms so … bathies and regular activities — still, that surreality — but, hey — waking up to a 2-level headache after sleeping well, I’ll take it — given that tornados are stressful even for a Georgia-born girl. So far, I’m only at a level 4, so I believe the extra Topamax pill every day since Sunday is helping, although, I couldn’t go by yesterday, when I also slept well but woke with a level 9 that didn’t break til three PM. harumph. I’ll take today instead.

Applied for a Kickstarter project yesterday afternoon and am awaiting their approval — if we get that, that could mean a) the project gets funded if we don’t get the 1-2 grants, and/or b) many more fine art supplies for the Pauite Tribe. woo! Thank you to Sharon Burton for the suggestion there!

Had a lovely walk in the stormity weather at 7 AM this morning, in which Chipper made a friend with Tess, a German Shepherd/Collie mix, very gentle. They shared stride for quite a while by the bog, nice. It also meant that we ran into the elementary school crowd waiting for the bus, the “too cool to pet the dog” crowd. “There’s the chick walking her dog,” one little dude, and they really are so little at that stage, said, under his breath as I passed. If I had the inclination to retort, but I’m a Buddhist now, not an insecure elementary schoolite, “still waiting for the bus?, ye comparatively independence and life bound state one?” or something — whatever — whereas the girls, in their separate group, looked up shyly, like, you’re cool but we can’t say so cause the guys don’t think you are. Whatever whatever whatever. Thank God/dess I’m not where they are in life anymore. And the lesson I think is to be grateful. And I am! And they are missing out still on a loving pup and a friendly Buddhist person. (whatever)

I haven’t made any progress on the pastel since Saturday, but do hope to touch it again today. Need to rest more this morning, since it feels like 11 AM and it’s only 9:30. hmm. Have to feel the spark.

We finished Secretariat and we LOVED it! awesome — totally recommend it.

Have a lovely day and stay safe from all storm activity as you are able! serious stuff!

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