Expanded Experience

A new day, a new week! I’m very excited about both. Chipper and I had absolutely lovely walkies just now. It’s a beautiful day, and we were showered yet again by cherry blossoms, to the point that he had them on his back. I have asked him many times now this year if he likes the flowers when he is smelling the pansies and tulips and “weeds” which should have a better name. And when he goes up to a tree trunk, I ask him, “Do you like that tree?” People think I’m insane. Whatever. This is between me and the dog, thank you. For Chipper knows many words.

No, really. Many years ago now, when the three of us were attacked by a pit bull, long story not to be told here, when Chipper was at the vet and Jason and I were too ill to go visit him, especially Jason, having been the primary saviour in the fight to save Chipper’s life, I told the vet tech when we called to check on Chipper, please tell him that today is Saturday and that “Mama and Jason will come and pick Chipper up on Monday.” The next day, the same vet tech said, “I did what you said, and sure enough, he was restless and walking back and forth and we couldn’t calm him down, but as soon as we told him that, he had a big sigh and went to sleep.” I kid you not, he knows the days of the week, and much, much more.

So when the cherry blossoms were snowing on us I said the trees had flowers on them and it was Spring and he looked up and I swear he smiled! It’s for moments of expanded experience, mostly his, partly mine, that I share words with him.

The spike that started at the gallery Saturday night lasted through til bedtime and through the night, and yesterday was a heavy pain day as well. Today seems to be as well. But I’m up on the highest dose of Topamax now, two days in, and I’m hopeful that this will kick in and give me more relief. I’m up for a few hours, determined, anyway.

My plan is to: a) write a thank you note, b) let the maintenance guys know about the tripping switch, or the switch tripping? three times now, c) start a new Kauai pastel!!!, d) respond to a reply to a feeler I sent out last week on Rebekah’s Closet that came in last night right after bedtime.

My goals for this week also include doing yoga every day, check, and swimming, hmmm. Not today. Yoga was too shaky to take on swimming today.

Hope you are all well. Happy Day!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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