Cliff Growing

How does one grow a mountain, really? I have edited this many times, from hand and branch-like forms, editing it down to its current state, which I like, thinking I need to edit and distill it even more. We shall see. The ground needs to surge into the mountain and vice-versa, by the way.  Worked myself into a level 9 yesterday and was not wanting to stop in my excitement, argh.

Thankfully today I woke with a level 4/5 and slept well overnight, with a very cool dream idea which you may be hearing about shortly as a call for art. Shhh! More to come on that. Sleeping through the night for a full twelve hours, which I know sounds more than luxurious, seems to do me a ton of good. So I’m all for it when I can have it. Just had more cat, ahem, dog-napping with Chipper for about an hour and a half, much-needed and am ready to sort of start the day. Keep having flashbacks and spikes so I have to be very careful with how much energy I expend. Even laughing can cause a spike.

Yoga went much better this morning, and I’m regaining my deeper breathing and relaxation techniques again. The Topamax has been causing such shortness of breath that I had kind of lost that.

Prices have gone up on my dear canvases, so I was only able to get three instead of six this time, and only one tube of paint, but I’m most grateful for that, all came undamaged yesterday — woo! I still have a goodly supply of paper and pastels thankfully but I’ll be switching back to acrylics after this pastel.

Will most likely post again later today with progress, news, etc.  Have a goodly day! 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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