Good Energies, Hope

I had blood drawn today so they can study my premature red blood cells, etc. and of course we are hoping they won’t have to draw from my bone marrow, so if you will, keep those fingers crossed they got what they needed just now. Happily drinking my smoothie and coffee now.

Above is the small version of the photo that I’m going to paint next, and a challenging one it is, for many reasons. This is the most textural pastel I’ve ever done, and making the drawing of the shaman look nice will be fun and respectful. In early May, not long now (!) we will hear if we got the Puffin grant, so this is a perfect activity for my energies to be spent, sending the goodness on into the air in the hope that we do in fact get it.

On Saturday I’ll be a guest at the Rockville chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association, where I will listen only for the entirety of the meeting, learning the ways and manners and rules of the group. Following the meeting, I can ask questions of the members, and they can ask me about my work. I’m very excited and hopeful.

This morning during our walk the bog was so full of species of birds it was amazing. It’s truly a sanctuary, packed, for the tiny space that it is, surrounded on all sides by housing and the library. Red-winged blackbirds called from the reeds, the Meadowlarks are back and were zooming for gnats, thankfully, overhead, and as they swooped, I looked up and saw a pair of Cardinals calling from one of the newly greening shrubs. A Mockingbird was attacking a Crow but so far they have left us alone. Shh, don’t get them started. We hate that. Jason shakes his fist and cane at them and shouts, “Bring it!” while I shriek and Chipper and I run. Heh. Not good for a month or so. So don’t. No.

Isn’t it Friday yet? Argh. Well, Hump Day at least. One day at a time.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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