Petroglyph Progress II

If you remember, I did have a plan: to go up the left side, right? Well that’s the way art goes, plans schmans. Heh. I mean, I did go up the left side, but then the lower middle started bugging me, so I started working on it a little and then I really started working on it, and then, well, so it is. But now my “plan” is to go back up the upper left again, and go back to the original “plan”. We shall see. Heh.

Progress to report on the migraine front: the Topamax seems to be working for the most part in minimizing the occurrence of migraines during the day. Woo! We’ll take it! So we hope for fewer spikes, etc. later in the day and continued progress on that front. I did spike after a multi-hour intensive activity on Saturday, which I will get into describing in a moment, that did not go down at all until bedtime Saturday night. And I spiked during yesterday’s Easter gathering, but it promptly went down and didn’t spike again until we were on our way home. So, all in all, success!

Left a message on the bloodwork, but the voicemail says to wait seven days. Hmm. Okay. We shall see. Maybe we get to find out before then, maybe not. Trying to be patient.

Went as a guest to the Maryland Writers’ Association Rockville Chapter meeting on Saturday morning for several hours and was totally engaged for the whole time. Fascinating and thorough, lovely time. Myself and another guest were accepted into the group at the end of the meeting and I’m so excited to be part of the group. Can’t say enough about this, really. An amazing opportunity to be part of a great group of writers. Yay!

Easter was wonderful yesterday, very cheering and yummy! I hope you and yours had  a great time celebrating Spring as well! Today is hot and steamy, up to eighty-some odd degrees — loving it! Enjoy!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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