Shaman Petroglyph Progress III

My excitement about this piece grows along with the piece, and even staying true to the photograph, I still feel like I’m being primal along with it. Whereas, with Pedernal I felt that I had to restrain myself, to remain delicate and get bold at the end. Not with this one. There is an eagle, and a ghost caballero and all kinds of stuff, in addition to the Shaman to come. I shake my head in amazement, as I am a somewhat innocent bystander, as one writes a poem sometimes, as one dreams a dream. One writes it down, one dreams it, wondering from where it comes? And it’s all there in the photograph. Crazy and wild and real. No wonder the Shaman chose this mountain. And it is eroding around him and I’m glad I’m capturing it now in its current state before it’s all gone. What a gift, another blessing! Wow.

It’s amazing how lush and incredibly green everything is outside already, I suppose from all the rains we have had lately. Two days ago there was a Wood Duck by the temporary watershed on the other side of the bog near what seemed to be a dead female duck and I was scared she had drowned and he was mourning her. But no, thankfully, as we got closer, she woke, and he was guarding her while she slept, instead. How cool! They swam away, none too scared, just with a good pace. I don’t let Chipper chase birds, and truly he usually shows no interest, but nonetheless.

I got a call from the doctor on Tuesday morning and my bloodwork results were in. My premature red blood cell count was up by one to 105, no biggie, apparently, and my B12 count had not really budged, still at a normal low range, which she wants to go up to a normal middle range, calling for three more months of B12 shots. Then in July she will call for more lab tests. And that was all she said. No office visit to discuss, as we had originally planned. Hmm. I did some research on foods rich in B12 to help out and found out a bit more about the deficiency and the connection to the premature red blood cell issue, that type of anemia yesterday. So I called her today and left a voicemail to ask her what type of anemia she thinks I have, and am waiting for a call back. More on that as I know it.

Am off in a bit to buy more potted herbs at Whole Foods, to see what they have, and to come home, paint more, to plant some Chard seeds, and to try my hand at a sample illustration for a children’s book for a neighbor I met the other day by chance, to see if she likes my work enough to hire me. We shall see.

A lovely gray day. Or is that grey? I love both spellings.

Enjoy your day, wherever you may be!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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