New Start

I possibly fell off the map, if not the grid there for a few days, sorry about that … above is a watercolor that I created in June of 2006, called River Road. I’ve decided to sketch it for an acrylic, 22 x 28 version on canvas — should be a challenge, eh? Initially, the other night I had this dream of ghostly Winter Sycamore trees in a purple mountain valley, which I’m going to do at some point, but it’s been so many weeks since I’ve painted in acrylic, that I decided a) I need the practice back in acrylic, and b) I need some play time, and c) it’s a bit too austere for me at the moment, too serious, what with Spring dripping and lushly all over the place, don’t you know?

So that’s the plan.

Some odd health news to report though: I’ve been bleeding in my urine, there being no fun way to say that, the clinical term being hematuria, but who would know what that means? anyway, since Saturday morning, through Sunday night bedtime, then off and on since then. Went to my doctor yesterday afternoon, not an infection, headed for my urologist this afternoon to see next steps. bah. This happened in 2008 and we never figured out why. I had about 2.5 years of follow-up and finally stopped going, and here we go again. So it may be nothing. But I am as nervous as a cat next to a rocking chair, as they say. I’m just like that. At least I can laugh at myself. Kind of. Heh. Right.

Had a blast on Saturday in Georgetown, and on Sunday planting kind of a mix of tropical and English Garden — still a bit of tropical coleus to plant, which will be a treat later in the day if I’m up for it. An absolutely gorgeous day today, and the next few days a bit chilly in comparison, so I’m enjoying it.

Oh, just a note to say that I love the stats feature on my main website — 45 hits in the past few days from Brazil — and they seem to love the flowers section — that makes me very happy. I love all the hits from all the countries, but that was especially nice to see.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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