Glass Forest Progress II

despite the dog-earedness of his blue-black wings
his expert wind shear maneuverings
and me now, traffic-snarled
I admire at times the devil-crowned
turkey buzzard —

I’m happy to say I have relatively no pain today! May it always be so! It is also a very beautiful Spring day! We had lovely walkies! Looking forward to a very productive day and fun weekend and wish the same for you!

Had a great time mixing the special greens yesterday afternoon, with the Sun drifting onto the palette, although the colors aren’t the same on the canvas, no matter. Hee. Delightful experience, nonetheless. The painting is developing an Art Deco feel for me now, which does go with the stained glass intention — yay!

Jason and I are researching the option of e-publishing Rebekah’s Closet, when she has been through the significant investment in six-month’s time (a matter of financial savings and editing time) to be all she can be, and perhaps a bit longer for me to polish her further, format her, etc. through Amazon. Cool, eh? So stay tuned. You may be able to read her soon. I am thinking about a cover graphic that would be my next painting of a woman in a long black velvet dress trailing down a long red dirt road, her long white arms exclaiming at the lovely green trees above and around her. It is an image from late in the book. What do you think? Jason suggested I take an actual photograph in a dirt road, but alas I do not have such a lovely long velvet black dress, yes, alas! hee … I’m very excited about this option … has anyone seen the photo of the tiny child surrounded by the gigantic Georgian trees? I believe it was a cover for a Gladys Knight and the Pips latter day album in the eighties — it’s kind of like that, kinda sorta —

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