Glass Forest Progress III

An emerald-bellied hummingbird discovered our garden yesterday and sadly we had nothing yet for him, but we are ON it. Jason’s out there in the marketplace looking for things for him now, wondering what he’ll bring home … fun! Also saw a bunny on the block this morning, just ever so calm, looking at me like, what? I’m under the crape/crepe? myrtle hanging between the sidewalk and the street hoping your dog don’t see me, see? see? right … I see, blink, blink. Cause I always blink at wild animals so they don’t see me as much of a threat, cause I heard that somewhere, and sometimes they blink back, and I am thrilled.


And here is the painting now, fleshing out above. I’m thinking it will have light spilling in between the tree trunks and vines. Yum. Having fun with it still.

I drew my first sketch of the cover for Rebekah’s Closet in pencil yesterday and it is as if she is in the center of a green cathedral swirling around her. Hmm. not so bad, but not quite the image I was going for. As is always the way with the plan and the art. I like it that way, but must continue with the sketching. Hee.

Lovely, lovely day. Clear blue fresh skies. Going to garden for a bit now. Mulching is my friend, tucking in the itty plants so they can keep the precious water I give them. The chard seeds have already sprouted, by the way. How cool is that? Too exciting. I love gardening.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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