Going a Bit Green?

Yesterday morning I didn’t want to wash my hands. I had been cooking with herbs again. Jason went to the store to grab a few things while I got started on the dinner for the week: four quiches! See, eggs and cheese are really good for B-12 deficiency, right? So, we’re all into that.

First, I chopped up and sauteed some juicy fresh green onions. While they sizzled and popped, I chopped up some fresh oregano from the store, amazing what you can get now at the store. You know, I feel really sad in retrospect for those rather gothic, dreary old Julia Child episodes from the seventies when she has to explain what basil and olive oil are to folks, and then Simply Delicioso comes on and it’s relatively explosive with fresh alternatives. So I’m most grateful, not only to be chopping fresh things from the store, but then to walk to my garden and pick fresh basil and chiffonade it into the mix, with slices of pre-peeled garlic cloves. What a wondrous world it can be.

While I was at the garden harvesting, I snipped some marjoram and cilantro, the latter of which was a bit frightening. We have a bit of a scare with our cilantro: either it’s too leggy because we’re afraid to cut it, or we cut it and it dies. So I cut a bit off the top and a bit off the sides, and felt just awful afterwards. Heh. Really. But this morning it was looking just fun and all perky. So I think it survived. I put the herbs for drying on the metal cookie rack and pulled out two little jars and two little cork stoppers — stop me, this is too cute for words. We shall label them as well. Heaven help us. We shall attempt canning this year as well.

Back to the making of the quiches … one is with roasted asparagus, prosciutto, mushrooms, cheese, chopped parsley, sliced garlic and aforestated sauteed green onion … the other is with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, more cheese, aforestated chiffonade of basil, oregano. And lots of eggs, God bless them.

So now you see why I didn’t want to wash my hands.

We had great walkies this morning. The forecast is for rain all week, yet it is lovely outside? I saw meadowlarks up close again, their orange bellies and bright blue backs, curved wings — they are amazing and remind me of 1920s fields? Not sure why. We also saw a bunny running away from us, it’s belly wet from rain and dew mixed, into the bog, no stopping him, not sure what spooked him, since normally they just stare.

Back on the Yoga wagon I am. The bleeding hasn’t returned in over a week so I’m feeling more like myself and the achies have driven me back into practice, as well as my little bit of a gut. Nice how incentives, negative ones, can drive you into positives. Heh. Anything for a flat belly by bikini time. Right. Anyway. I’ve also this past week been working on meditating breath more and it has been quite foreign to me. Have been reading my past two issues of Yoga Journal, my dear friend! Sally Kempton, a regular contributor, continues to inspire me with her wise writings and I highly recommend her articles to anyone who will listen to me rave about her.

In this past issue, the “blue” “water” issue, there is also an article about prison inmate practicing yoga and meditation, some of them for the first time. It is incredibly freeing for them, and for author of the article, who realizes how free we all are, whether imprisoned or not, to practice our right to breathe, to practice yoga. It’s really very simple, and very empowering. I love stuff like that.

May your week be peaceful and empowering! “Just like that,” as many a TV chef can be heard to say these days …

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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