Weekend Update

We had a lovely drive taking I-70, i.e., “the back way”, up to Baltimore to Galerie Myrtis to pick up the two industrial photographs, and it couldn’t have been a prettier day or nicer experience, all in all.

Then we set out for dim sum, to locate a new restaurant in Gaithersburg, set the GPS, directions in hand, and finally found the damn thing, only to find out they stopped serving dim sum at 3 pm and we arrived at 4:20. Strike. But now we know where it is. Ugh.

On the phone instantly with Carrabba’s and ordered comfort dinner to go, munch, munch, end of day shortly thereafter, zzzzz.

Next morning, we are up early to prepare for our friend to come over for brunch, cleaning house, preparing food. Chipper is wagging his tail, because he loves the friend, too, very excited! Jason makes ricotta lemon apple pancakes to die for, cuts up fresh cantaloupe, fresh berry salad, makes a creme fraiche mascarpone honey sauce for the fruit and/or pancakes, I set out local goat cheese and Amadeus cheese and crackers, apple cinnamon granola to top the soy yogurt bowls — ahh, did we eat? yes, we feasted.

Then my friend and I went to Borders and I bought new music: Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine and Radiohead, which I have been enjoying already this morning … then we went to Target for random things we needed like mascara and empty travel boxes … stuff … lovely day … back to watch Anthony Bourdain in Chicago and Hawaii … thoroughly enjoyable.

This morning I’m going to roast some chicken breasts with lemon, pepper and herbs, in my best approximation of a Greek style for our Tabouleh salad dinner this week. I’m also working on the draft of the printed program this morning and afternoon, and painting on the book cover. I didn’t lift a brush to paint all weekend, we were so busy.

I did plant some Nasturtium, Cosmos, Spinach and Lettuce seeds though, in various tiny pots on the porch — I can hardly wait for them to sprout!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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