Almost Final Book Cover Painting!

So if you remember, or were able to tell from the preliminary sketch, again the PLAN, there was farmland in the lower section, which has now been reverted to woodland — hurrah! which can be seen from above. Still a good bit of detailing to be done around Rebekah’s head and below her along the road, but I painted for a good 3.5 to 4 hours straight without really thinking yesterday and it was wonderful! I love Topamax for the freedom from migraines it has thusly afforded me! Hurrah again!

We had a truly fascinating journey of a time working together at the Menare Foundation on Wednesday, as I learned how Tony Cohen literally pieced together the missing pieces of the puzzle of the Underground Railroad, as well as this history of his own family — amazing stories all. I am truly honored to be working on this project and am very excited to organize visuals, etc. for the PowerPoint and printed program in the weeks to come.

Today some of the spinach seeds and some of the nasturtium are coming up — amazing life! I watered all the plants and seeds yesterday thoroughly and thank goodness with the heat they were ready for its onslaught, full of their own juice, taut and happy to accept the light and transform it as they should. Will watch them all today for wiltage, but I think they’ll be okay.

Went to Home Depot and got a large plastic pot and transplanted the struggling Mother’s Day Hydrangea and now it struggles not.

Saw three bunnies playing in the early morning bog yesterday, before the heat became oppressive.

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