New Sketch!

Inspired this time by a series of watery photos in Yoga Journal two months ago. Waiting to order watercolor paper to work some of these ideas up in pastel, but until then we have the funky shapes in acrylic, a la Caribbean for Matisse I and II from the latter part of 2010, if you are able to see the sketch above?

Very excited to leave the greens, and trees, Lord love ’em, behind for a while. Maybe because of the heat? Longing for the cool, for the water, for the ice, the beach, waves, sand — ahhhh — yes!

Sad sad news, but there is little grant money to go ’round — did not get the grant to pay for the travel funds to go to Utah for the special project to teach the Paiute Indian Tribe in pastel and watercolor in July this year. Very sad about this, but what can you do? We still have another grant out to hear from, to pay for art supplies, which if we get we would purchase and have delivered to them. Fingers crossed for that, at least, for I am sure of their talent.

Tomorrow is the cystoscopy, and Jason will be with me, and has the rest of the day to be with me. Looking forward to post-procedure rest. Maybe some creative time.

Painting will start on the new painting … now! Starting a new palette just for this series. One 22 x 28 inch canvas, this one, left, and three 18 x 36 inch canvases left — which would be interesting for a water series.

Was able to transfer all the images successfully from the laptop to the tower for the Menare Foundation project and will process them psychologically and organize them for the Powerpoint. Soon we will be looking at tiny video clips and audio for the show. Very excited!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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