Water Circus II

It is now flipped upside down again and at the last minute, even. I like it this way. Amoeba-like, she is. I wish you could see the colors truly. I mean as pretty as they are there, they are even nicer than that. Hmm. Come over! Have some dark chocolate cocoa, have some raspberry tea!

Having to scale down my work with Menare Foundation to not include video editing because the migraine is back. Trying to decide when to call the neurologist, dreading to do so, this week or next? Not wanting to rest, not wanting to put ice on my head, not wanting to heat the beans, etc. hmm. Not this again. Had a friend who just went off Topamax and says it’s a terrible drug and it’s brought me such relief. Please let me keep having the relief part. So I’m hoping that the stress relief will just take some time, that it is a question of cortisol levels needing to go back down, needing some days or a week or so … right. That is what I am hoping.

Other than that, had an up day. Yesterday was a sad day. So I’ll take today. Started a new journal for therapy which should help. Haven’t felt like journalling for some months. Painful stuff. Hard to see my own handwriting these days, even in bold caps, and I get so frustrated with the pace, the sheer slow pace of handwriting relative to the speed of thoughts, relative to typing, that I get very vexed. But for some reason it is very therapeutic to do the thing, and I shall. Even if I have to get out the dreaded glasses, not because I care how they look, because no one sees, because it’s the aging — it forces me to confront the aging of me. And they give me another kind of headache over my contacts. OH, whatever! It’s just for a few minutes. Reading is the same way, me, a lover of books, a collector of books. Hee. Oh, the irony. Oh, whatever!

Was reading in Yoga Journal, without the faraway or shortaway glasses mind you, about devas and meditating on them for strength. It reminded me of all the work I’ve done over the years on creative visualization and crystal healing. And where I am in the book Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, I’m still reading the damned thing, which I am loving, cherishing, reading only when I am in doctor’s offices, which has been quite a lot, so I make good time in a way, reading enough to savor it, great little lifesaving book that it is.

More on all this later, Chipper is insistent that I walk and feed him now.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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