Evolution of a Scritti …

So first there was “Scritti” an industrial photo from Philips Metals back in 2003, that I’ve had sitting in paper form on my desk for lo these many months, meaning to update my marketing materials, which I finally did today. When it struck me, why not do a pastel of “Scritti”? Yes!

So, see above, first step, two layers of soft Ultramarine Blue, very carefully and thickly, though not roughly, done, finely done, evenly. Then brushed with a Da Vinci #80 brush! that Jason gave me for Christmas (lo) four or five years ago? huge! Perfect for the task of smoothly brushing down the layers of a 22 x 30 inch piece quickly.

Then, with a rust pastel, I sketched roughly the outlines of the major forms in the piece …

I spared you a photograph there … I a) did two layers of rust in the little shape below, plus some chocolate and orange for testing, b) did a single layer of rust in the rusty sections and green and blue in those sections, and c) brushed them all with a Princeton #10 brush.

Final ? I think, fairly close to the photo, with some alterations for fun … a) second layers of pastel for everyone, more chocolate, more red, accents of pale blue, white, red — done! wait — that happened too fast! I want to do another one!

It reminded me of working on the “Utah: Shaman Petroglyph” a lot, in that I was following a photograph of something wild and kind of rocky and intense that I wanted to get right, but that in the end could be a bit primal and free form. I think I may do some more of my abstract industrial photographs in pastel. It’s so intense and sensual! And besides, believe it or not, for photos older than three years, I can no longer enter them into contests, so they are just laying around now … really! crazy! so I might as well.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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