Weekend Update

So it started off innocently enough. Jason and I went to Lewis Orchards and found all sorts of “deliciousness” which is, apparently, the Cooking Channel’s fave new word. I use it in all irony. Now for my own words, we found white peaches, blueberries, tomatoes (!), corn, oat pancake mix, and peach crisp mix — then we went to Whole Foods and found raspberries, grapes, free oatmeal chocolate cookies, free cheese, pitted dates, ohh, I forget what else we found there … but suffice it to say — it was lovely food gathering if we didn’t have to hunt very much.

Later that day we went back to Appleby’s Antiques, our new favorite antiques store, not that we had a prior one, but we’ve been to many in various cities and not bought anything. They have a lovely collection of reasonably priced vintage jewelry and Jason bought me the sweetest little Celtic-inspired silver pin Saturday, so that was fun. And then we rested and watched the movie Morning Glory from Netflix, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

However, at 11 pm I woke to the worst migraine, that did not quit, well it really hasn’t quit, it has transformed itself into a sinus infection today. This morning I go to see my doctor and have left my requested message for the neurologist. Hmm. What a day it was yesterday with the ice packs and hot pack and the herbal tea. Whew.

Oh, in counseling Friday I learned something way important. My counselor asked me about the duration and type of flashbacks I have. We realized that my flashbacks are actually expressions of my alters. Whoa. So I understand them much better now, that they are ways of communicating with me. Maybe that caused the migraine? Not a clue.

I didn’t totally forget about visual art this week. I did Scritti last Sunday and I keep looking at it and yesterday, of all days, I figured out that I can add gold oil pastel in tiny corners and touches to finish it. You see it looks rushed to me. Well, I did it in a day, but the original photograph is of something that happened over years and years of rusting. So I couldn’t let it go yet.

I’ve been working closely with my contact at Blick Art Materials on which art materials to get and they are working on getting the best prices for me — amazing — for the children. I should hear something soon — and yet I’m wringing my hands and my heart wanting to do more for them. But I can only do so much. And I’m thinking of how to teach with what I can get for them and I think it will work. It is all such a blessing.

Still working steadily on the Menare Foundation work here and there as needed, getting closer to our end point for that. Very exciting to see it come together! Most of the work is being done on the video clips and music this week so I’m waiting for pieces to come to me for the PowerPoint. It is all way cool, a very powerful presentation and story, and very fulfilling for me to be a part of it.

I’ve also begun preliminary discussions today with the diagnostic editor for Rebekah’s Closet. How exciting! Let the editing process for her begin! Let her story be closer to being told!


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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