Next Project … and Polyester?

This is the next industrial photograph, Philips 1_5, otherwise known as “Dream State” in several solo shows where it has been framed and featured — a RARE POLYESTER print of which is available for sale, nicely framed, for $400, or standard or metallic prints at varying sizes are also available … see shop, below …

Polyester prints are no longer made and last fifty years longer than your regular photographic print, are especially lustrous, and I have a small collection of my industrial photos made up in them from when I first started having them made in Nashville. So, there’s the tip. Regular photos, standard C prints last 50-75 years (someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this) in proper storage and exposure to sunlight, and metallic prints (which contain silver in the paper, and are the next best thing to polyester prints, in my humble opinion) last 75-100 years, again given proper storage (framing) and exposure to light. So, my first industrial photography show is largely still available, I sold two photographs? and is all polyester. Just sayin. Beautiful stuff.

Kay. So I’ve been mulling and mulling. I’ve been working on Menare Foundation work here and there, and I’ve ordered the supplies for the children of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah. I’ve also still got the sinus infection and the migraines. Dammit. So I’ve been restlessly resting. I did hear from the neurologist today, his last day before moving to the huge, faboo new practice, and he does indeed want me to go up on the Topamax and call him in two weeks. If it helps, and I’m still not having adverse side effects, will do. Bring it.

So I noticed that when I was restlessly resting that the IPod did help get me to rest more calmly, especially with Ludovico Einaudi, like I was at the beach, although I did occasionally have to switch to something more intense, angrier, moodier. It’s like getting dressed in the morning. Hee. I mean, if you think you have trouble getting dressed for one person, try getting dressed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s kind of fun, really, but I have to be patient, a manager, a Mom, a negotiator, a stylist of sorts. Do we wear a bold dress with a plunging neckline? Can we really carry that all day or are we in a MOOD? Do we want to be fresh and light and airy and wear white and pearls and be crisp and fluttery? Hmm. Or is it boyish and shorts and color combos and intensity? Daredevil? Summer has more options and I LOVE it! One can only do so much with scarves in the Winter, so much is hidden from the world with outer layers, one longs for the unlayering moments with friends at Starbucks and brunches, outings, etc. So choosing music for one person, choosing for me, same thing, it can get rather … DJ. I have to be patient with lots of me’s.

So I reached for the deepest amethyst cluster yesterday and boy did it help. See I’ve loved rocks since forever, shells, too. Coins, metals, well, you could have guessed. Tactile? Don’t know, something weighty in the hand to explore? Something to hold. Used to have a rabbit’s foot, white. Then I realized that was rather gross. Then I had a buckeye, then various worry stones, then they became part of an ENORMOUS rock collection that I eventually donated to the science class in fourth grade? Maybe someone else remembers for sure. Anyhoo, the amethyst helped calm me down like nothing else has. I ended up sleeping with it under my hand. I put it on top of my hurting head at one point. I meditated with it just under my rib cage. Love the thing now. Hee. And that’s all the while I’m thinking of its gentle vibrational powers, like a little magnetic field that is helping me out somehow. Sigh. Well, it helps. Every little bit helps.

Yesterday I applied final fixative to “Scritti” and still didn’t know what I was going to work on today, acrylic or pastel. It was like the hardest thing just now to put it away in the folder with the other pastels only to find that (!) I’m out of glassine sheets! Must order more of the stuff to interleave between the pieces. Right away. Well, very soon. Because I found, in the back of the folder, some extra runs of polyester prints of those early industrials, one of “Dream State”, in fact. And that sealed it. It had that Kathwong effect of the big gong of time, of those profound moments of wow where you know something just happened and you have to take notice. Like when they sing the word “Messiah” on the radio and you happen to look down and read the word “Messiah Classic Merlot” on the piece of paper by the computer where you wrote it down two years ago from the restaurant Nayla in Georgetown when you could still drink fabulous Merlot before Topamax. Like that.

Pre-sketch, I’m on the next project. This time I’m showing you the piece first. I didn’t show you “Scritti” last time, but Jason and I would like to show “Scritti” the previously unprinted industrial photo and “Scritti” the previously unframed, brand-spankin new pastel this Fall side by side if we have the funds, just for fun. Maybe we can do that. Stay tuned.


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