Dream State Progress

I decided early on that I was going to do as little blending as possible, which is heavy on the use of the pastel, and thickly applied. I want crusty, drippy effects as in the photo. We’ll see what we get. I’m having to blend here and there but not always. In this first photo, I’m using a Grumbacher black soft pastel on its side to get the edges of the photo and a little of the shadows of the interior.

Here I’ve added a Grumbacher soft brown and a Carre semi-hard brown pastel, as well as a Nouvel Carre grey semi hard pastel to the top, a bit of the browns and black to the bottom for definition. Feeling the primal coming on, feeling a bit emotional, a bit of my rage coming on, and needing to pull myself back in order not to overuse and not to break the only pastels in the only colors I own. ‘Cause funds are tight.

Now a note on the process of the piece versus two things: the photograph, and the actual piece of metal I photographed. My process is a bit explosive. The photograph was a few seconds of luminescent joy, truly, at what I found, on a Winter’s day, in the middle of a scrap yard, trying to focus in the midst of my joy, to compose the shot in the midst of my excitement, to manage my alters (which I now know). The piece of metal was forged in heat, explosive, was painted, gently, probably felt nice relatively, and rusted in the elements, semi-crackly, semi-burning, probably felt kinda nice. So I’m thinking of all of that as I’m working on the piece now. There is a lot going on. Paper and pastels, but so much more to it than that inside …

I had this one lovely pastel, a Schmincke call Blue Pearl, kind of a mix between a soft and an oil, with a sparkly essence, very smooth, almost like a lipstick, and one you definitely don’t want to smooth with a brush, ’cause you just lose the quality. So I looked at it, and estimated what I had left and what I wanted to cover, and granted, I covered a lot more ground than there is in the photo, but isn’t it lovely blue ground? It will have a lot more “noise” to it when I’m done, but for now … mmmm. I added a bit up top, and added a light layer, that I will have to blend, of a new chocolate, to the middle.

Saved you a step photo there … added two layers of milk chocolate in the middle, a Grumbacher, which I am using because I have them, thankfully. Added some more dark chocolate noise to the blue below and a bit of sage green Schmincke below. More of the Carre gray in the second layer and the very last bit of a much beloved Schmincke ultramarine light (which made many a sky in its day) above the gray. And that is where I stopped last night, a good stopping place.

The pressure of the migraine in my head, despite going up to 150 of the Topamax three days ago (?) is nonstop. ? So much so that I have the desire to drill a little hole in my skull perhaps to let the stuff come out that is causing so much pressure in there? Not going to happen, but that’s the sort of pressure I have. Wearing sunglasses a lot. Sexy, eh? Right. So would love to lay by the pool, spend more time outside but that is instant spike to the migraine. Have now this swooping to the side like almost passing out, like once a day now. Whoa, what’s that? Excuse me! Dizzy? Gillespie! I wish.

We may work on the Solid Iron Heart cover for the Chris Whitley Tribute CD this long weekend if we are up and into it. We’ll see. Right now I’m into painting a bit more. Maybe later today. Maybe tomorrow. Fun. We rarely have this much time.

The folks with the Menare Foundation are running with the production right now without me, because of the migraines. I’m pretty out of it in my ability to help because it is out of my technical abilities as well now, too. So my thoughts are with them. I still have responsibilities for the printed program but they have the visual presentation to complete right now.

Rebekah’s Closet is being read by the diagnostic editor as we speak … sooo excited. Very cool. More on that in a few weeks.

I had to take my wedding bands off due to swelling in my wedding ring finger. We are watching it. Not sure what is causing it, but it happened in the past few days. Feels VERY strange not to be wearing them.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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