Dream State Complete, the Cap, Next?

I finished “Dream State” on Sunday but have been feeling not so well, shall we say, and wasn’t able to upload her until late last night. Anyhoo, to finish her, I did blend the upper section with a number 10 bright Princeton acrylic brush, then added more of the Carre semi-hard grey. I also blended another layer, or two of the chocolate in the middle. Then for the fun part: adding the bright iron oxide accents, followed by chartreuse highlights, and more dark chocolate and milk chocolate “noise”. What a blast.

This finishing of the painting came at an odd time, really. I had just had a “cap” of a memory, what I like to call the tip of a series of memories that synchronize and come together, finally making sense. These floating memories can have been circling around me for years, tapping me on the shoulder, Hey, hey hey hey, and Yes, dear, sweetie, I understand, but what are you trying to say, I answer, and I try to listen and carefully understand the details, carefully record, hold on to the pieces, sometimes for years. They are like clues in a mystery, and I am Hercule Poirot, gathering all the puzzle pieces over time in a bag of sorts. And then, Voila, the cap! the key! the missing piece! And that happened on Sunday with The Attachment Theory article we were beginning to discuss in Friday’s counseling session. One memory clicked about four others and they all made sense and … I emailed my counselor, and I went in and told Jason and then fairly exhausted, I went in and finished “Dream State.”

It’s kind of odd to me that I would have been of the peace of mind to do anything, because for two nights after that I wasn’t able to sleep properly, my heart pounding, waiting to see my counselor again, to talk about the memories and The Attachment Theory article. But there you have it, another mystery.

I try to write about how the creative process relates to my healing process but I’m not exactly sure how they work together as of yet. I’m kind of just telling it like it is. More as I know it. As it happens.

We should be able to order more glassine sheets and red (!) pastels for my next abstract industrial pastel piece soon, but until then, I’m back to acrylic painting. I’m rather excited to get back to it. So stay tuned. Not sure exactly what I’ll get into — a watery abstract or a tropical landscape. Hmmm. Tempted by both.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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