Roatan Sketch, Going with the Flow

It’s a miracle if you can see that — but it’s there — so I can take 251 pics in focus and have trouble with the one right in front of me, not sure why — anyway —

So it’s this lovely reef off Roatan this time, and I think it’s going to be fun, beautiful colors. I’ve been wanting to get up out of bed to paint for days now. I’ve had the wherewithal to go run errands, to get to the doctor appointments and such, to make the necessary final edits to the Menare Foundation’s Patrick & Me program — but could NOT take down and put away “Dream State”, etc. and get started with a new painting until just now.

But I’m glad I got my second wind and was able to do it at all. A burst of energy. Yay! And now I need to rest again.

The theme lately is kind of a joke. Don’t fight the power. Except that what I mean by that is that the power is the chi, the energy all around you. Instead, sense what is around you, and, for the most part, unless you sense a need for a burst of fresh change, go with the the flow, don’t be breaking things needlessly, go gently with the force. The force. Don’t force things. Flow with things. Deepak Chopra writes about that as well. Old as time I’m sure the wisdom of it, Lao Tsu even. Listen to your body. Have been doing that a lot lately. So have been resting a lot. Waiting for the zing of energy to return so I can create. Come ON! And it came for a bit and I was ready with a canvas and a charcoal and an idea.

So excited still that the diagnostic editor is poring over the plot lines of Rebekah’s Closet. Hoping for some gems of thought from him about how to make it clearer and cleaner, more intense, maybe. You see, I’m not sure what she needs now.

Still can’t wear the wedding bands. Have to get them resized after Jason’s muffler is fixed, which is getting ready to fall off the Honda. We now have the funds for that, thankfully. But now have to find the funds for the rings. Funny. But we are blessed. We have what we need.

The art supplies have largely arrived for the children at the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, and how gratifying. How grateful I am, not only to the Puffin Foundation, but to Blick Art Materials for giving us such great prices on everything. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else for the purchases. I’m not just saying that. They give an honest deal on high quality merchandise. Kay. Nuff said. The charcoals have just shipped yesterday, and some various pastels have yet to ship but almost everything else is there now. We have to figure out how I can train the children via the internet they have there yet, in late July/early August. Soooo excited to do this. Until then I’m hopeful that they can begin sketching the mountains around them, without color for now, saving the watercolor and pastels for later, learning skills of  depth and perspective with their hands. So thrilling. Wish I was there sometimes to see them developing. I feel so blessed.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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