Roatan Progress II

Again the growth to the right looks black but it’s quite the nice mix of Cobalt and Pthalo Green Blue Shade. Hmmm. Oh well. When you see the final photo in sunlight it will show, no doubt. The wave of blue just above the lower Prussian Blue/Cobalt Blue wave from yesterday is Cobalt Blue mixed with a tiny bit of Pthalo Green Blue Shade and a lot of white to clarify it, and a bit of the gloss. Then above that we have Cobalt Teal, a personal favorite of mine, mixed with Titanium White, gloss, and a bit of the Pthalo Green, etc. etc.

I would keep painting but my back is really tight and my migraine sinus headache thing really calls me to bed again. Although the pressure in my head seems to be lessening, and the congestion as well, still, still. Hmm. Just going with the bed rest and the fluids. Did yoga last night and swam (!) this morning, with a bit of pool Sunning for about thirty minutes ’til my head was about to burst and I was a nice rosy glow.

Dare I say I put on the short-range glasses last night and this afternoon and have been making headway on Eat, Pray, Love. Quite enjoying it, although not hardly believing what she says about Bali’s non-peaceful, non-rapturous history. Hmmm. Great PR campaign indeed. I bought it, hook, line and sinker. Still, I think it’s a beautiful people and place. Hard-won peacefulness now there, all the same, still sounds lovely to me. She just met Felipe. Sweet.

When I woke up this morning I felt much more present and have felt much more so all day. Thankfully. Not sure what happened. I’ll take it. More flashbacks and words today, more like a usual day. Yesterday was more silent all around. Still learning about all of this.

Haven’t mentioned walkies with Chipper in quite some weeks, but they are quite lovely and rapturous in their own way. It would be so redundant for me to say how lush things are and how wonderful the birds sound all the time. The cicadas started on July 1. I love the heat so much, a natural bond for me. The blackberries in the bog are ripening, still red, and the Queen Anne’s Lace, one of my favorites since childhood, are blooming beside them. Very few large butterflies this year, not sure if it’s because we had such a wet Spring? We have had an enormous amount of GNATS though and thankfully the Meadowlarks still come. I laugh and remember the lesson from childhood: don’t ride your bike with your mouth open. Well, don’t walk your dog with your mouth open, neither. 🙂

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