Roatan Progress IV

Getting very close to being finished with this piece, and noticed today for the first time how sensual the shapes of the waves are. Now I have the sand to do, but needing to take a break.

Almost finished as well with Eat, Love, Pray, and enjoying it immensely, thoroughly. Looking forward to reading Mark Matousek’s book as well, and wondering how his editing process is going. I’m thinking, remembering that there are threads throughout the book, hidden in a way, in my psyche as I wrote it, about the quest for Beauty, Peace, Justice, Love, Romance, Adventure, Friendship, Equality and Faeries. Can Faeries be a Theme, well of course they can. In my world, well, yeah!

Chipper, it occurs to me, communicates so much to me through eye contact — joy, sadness, exhaustion, need for nubbies, sleepiness, love, peace, contentment. What a dear friend, workbuddy. He has his physical on Saturday.

The Green Hornet is at the Honda dealership as we speak. She certainly has the get up and go, the newish transmission I got for her a few years back helps her a lot — for 192,000 plus miles! Love that car, love Hondas, but then I love the Bee, the VW Bug as well, for completely different reasons, different feel altogether. Dripping with well-earned sweat, muffler a-draggin, I brought her in. Hopefully all will go well.

Turns out Topamax can cause nosebleeds, so I’m going to call the neurologist a few days early in a few minutes when their switchboard reopens to report my nosebleed of a week now. Maybe it’s related to the sinus infection that is on its way out, fingers crossed, but I never get nosebleeds. We shall see. Life and my body are so very complex sometimes. Heh. I’m hoping it is not the Topamax because I still have the migraines you see, and the Topamax has helped. Not like I want to keep going up and up, but what else is there? Ida know. I trust the neurologist. This is do know.

To bed for now.

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