Maui Wave Sketch, Smile Practice

Painting edges and sketched what will be “Maui Wave”. The photo in ISLANDS Magazine actually has a family of surfers riding the wave but that is wayyy beyond my skill set, and besides, I’m a purist. The colors in the wave below them are so amazing. I hope to do them justice.

I haven’t forgotten about the next pastel of Philips 1_6, otherwise known as “Red Cave.” As I said, I’m not about to waste the sweet bits of paint on my palette, let them go to mold, etc. 🙂 Plus I’m liking painting with acrylics right now, and need to catch up with my edging of paintings past. So, there you have it.

A good bit of news to report, in that I’m not waking with headaches as of the past few days, so I’ll take it. I’m still getting them spiking throughout the day, but that’s a nice bit of change. Much less sinusey as well, so that’s also good news. Yay!

I cannot recommend the book Ethical Wisdom, by Mark Matousek, enough! I referenced passages from it about five times in counseling today, so much so that my counselor not only wrote the title down, she wants to borrow it when I’m done! Can do! It reminds me in a way of some of my readings of Deepak Chopra, in that it is a mix of readings about goodness in general and neuroscience, findings about the brain that make you happy to know, that you can change yourself with practice, that you can’t smile enough, really, from the best place in yourself. Reminding me of the guru in Eat, Pray, Love telling Liz to “Smile from her liver”, even. That deeply, even. Yes! Meditate from there. Well, you get it. I hope to be that evolved one day. Practice, practice. 🙂

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