Maui Wave Progress II

But I liked it better yesterday. I painted more before I posted. It looks more like the photograph now, but I liked it better before without the detail. Hmmm. Maybe I’m going to go back to less detail. Hmmmm. What do you think? There are lots of lovely colors in there, though. We shall see. Next will be the sky, to give the wave a break. Then the white crest of the wave, then back to it, to see where everything stands, as a whole.

Reading more in Ethical Wisdom today. Actually, I read this a few days ago, but how important it is for everyone to exercise his/her ability to look in the mirror and be self-aware, as much as possible. To step back from their own actions and observe, as much as they can. It’s kind of like hope for humanity, if there were to be a recipe. Because when you do that, you cannot help but go, did I just do that? I wish I could get out of that rut. That rut drives me nuts, etc. And seek answers, etc.

Well, the book is full of magic for me, like I said, like a Deepak Chopra book. Enough said, lest I drive YOU nuts.

It’s 103 degrees out there, I kid you not. Had to go out into it for samples of Dexalant for chronic acid reflux, now, alas, and rawhide chews for the boy that is Chipper. Dexalant is not approved for me yet, but is mild enough, whereas the other cause all sorts of problems. Alas, I say yet again, another prescription to add to the list, another condition. A bit scary. Acceptance, and the letting go.

Chipper is in the hallway, head on paws. I keep sending him looks of encouragement and joy when possible. I would give him Jazz Hands, but my hands are busy. He stretches, which I tell him are good for the achies, which he understands Mama gets, too, and he comes closer. Now he is at my feet in a cool spot. Work buddy. What would I do without him?

Got turned down by another contest, but I’m getting better at it. Thank you for your consideration! Best wishes! The letting go, new applications, two more this and next week and out they will go, with more hopes, less and less expectations every time, really, just like messages in bottles onto the sea. Who knows. Just keep creating. Keep applying. That is all I know to do.

The garden is a lesser known jungle by now. I would take photos but in context, they wouldn’t really come close to your understanding? The stems, the growth, the detrus, the wilting and the watering, the lushness, the blooming, the buds, the harvests … oh! I made a nice dinner this week for us … yellow squash with a bit of local goat cheese melted, lots of fresh marjoram from our garden, chives, two onions, all sauteed — three tomatoes with our basil, just salt and pepper and olive oil — chicken breasts roasted with another onion, five garlic cloves, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper — all so light and YUM — we have really enjoyed them all —

Jason cut the seedless watermelon two nights ago and we have been gorging — so silly and so fun — what is the harm, we say — laughing — like kids — such is Summer! one way to beat the heat —


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