Processing …

Still painting, and processing … the painting I could photograph again but I doubt you would notice any major differences at this point so no photo at this time. Almost done, though, working on the crest of the wave. Ready to be done and move to the next piece, which needs to be for the Paiute children’s Powerpoint, actually. My friend there, Gaylord Robb, sent me the most amazing panoramic photograph to work up, so that will be my next watercolor/pastel piece for them. Looking forward, and then Red Cave will be after that.

Yesterday, after not sleeping well at all the night before, plagued by overwhelming flashbacks that were grossing me out, I was instead overwhelmed by compassion for my abuser. So messed up. I guess I tilted the other way.

Today I’m more confused and grossed out, in shock and dissociated again. I have a busy day of going to this great little used and new bookstore in Clarksburg, MD called Novel Places, where we hope to sell some used newer books we no longer need, then counseling, then meeting with an attorney for nameless business. I’m full of secrets aren’t I? By the way, the statute of limitations for all the nameless crimes in GA ran out years ago, so it’s not that. Jason is safe as well. No worries. Everyone is safe. 🙂 Just legal stuff.

Then home to rest, and maybe paint some more.

Tomorrow a group of us are going to Port City Brewery and then out to eat. Sunday is for some antiquing and resting. Looking forward. Next week is full of doctor appointments, back to the neurologist and to get my bloodwork for the B12 and premature red blood cell count. Will be good to find that out.

It is so very lush and hot today and I can breathe fairly well. Looking forward to processing with the counselor and getting out of the house for a while again. Good to be active for a while, a good distraction for me today.

Happy Friday! Thank you for listening! 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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