Uplifted … Simplify

Got some great news, Jason came home, the weekend started finally, fun! and I got the bloodwork results — the great news part:  my B12 is going up slowly! Yay! so three more months of shots and then we test again. No test was done this time on the premature red blood cells but next time they will. So that is very good. They are hopeful that once they get them to a certain level that the side effects, tiredness, etc. will disappear — hurray! So, fingers crossed.

And therefore, after dinner, I got the boost I needed to start the sketch above, actually this is version two for the Powerpoint, the first version being broader perspectives strokes and this being the first inner detail sketch.

I’m very excited about the painting now that I’ve started, because, although it will be time-consuming and time-intensive, I can do beautiful single strokes of color, in either watercolor or pastel, for intensity. I won’t have to redo, or layer much, I think. It sounds like a lovely project. There are some major color blocks, but there are some major layers, too. I’m just honored. Floored. In awe. I dare not show you the photo, lest you fall in love and doubt that I am worthy. Seriously. I doubt myself, therefore I do not show you. Hee.


So maybe that was part of the struggle after all.

I love Nature.

Does anyone remember the band from the 80s Arms Akimbo? That’s how I danced in the 80s when I was totally in spirit to a great band. Ahh. I wonder truly how they (THEY) dance now, those who are dancing? Dance on. Get tribal. I assume I would dance the same as I did before? So many dances, however, so much lovely music. We are wealthy beyond our dreams in some ways, in some ways not.

So when do I dare take on this therapeutic painting? Agh. My counselor and I raised the thought today and shook our heads. Not now. New canvases came. I have plenty of Hell colors but not plenty of Sea colors, I joked with Jason today. Hmmm. But I’m into the watercolors and pastels again and I have colors there a plenty for now.  I’m blessed.

We are hoping for a hike on Sunday. It’s been since May? when I took photos and the mosquitoes drove us running back to the car? Crazy. In years past we’ve gone every weekend almost. So hopeful we get there Sunday. It’s like our cathedral.

I have a collection of Spanish, Rare History and rare Literature books that I’m wanting to sell if anyone wants to come by and have a look. Thinking of going to Abebooks.com to sell legitimately, just sent them an email. I can hardly believe myself parting with them, but I have reached the SIMPLIFY stage and realize that I shall not read them and am merely holding them, have collected them and now am ready to share them back with the world as collected. Or, another way to put it, I do not want to have to move them (or have others have to) again. So, heads up.

Simplify sounds really good to me. Except where clothes and scarves and shoes and jewelry are concerned. These things take time, darling.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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