Cedar Breaks Progress III

To the middle-left you should be able to see the dimension building. This is really getting exciting, although there was more dimension and detail to the mountain than I was able to get in there, sadly. More to come.

With a snap of thunder after about thirty minutes of steady relieving rains, two things happened: poor Chipper began to shake, and I decided to finally get to the computer backup I intended to do about a month ago? Yes. It is done now. Hard to believe all my digital photos only amounted to 9 or so gigs. Not counting digital photos of paintings. But still. ‘Tis done, and what a good feeling, should the sluggish, oldish LaCie decide to continue to live.

Reading on in the Ethical Wisdom book, and heard yesterday from Mark, who said he should have his notes to me in a few weeks. Sooooo excited to hear from him. So curious to hear from his perspective, especially now that I’ve been reading his wide view of the ethics of the world, truly expansive and well-read, well-thought-through. I am blessed.

We did in fact hike this morning and at first the beauty was oppressively haunting, then overwhelming, then magical, then I didn’t want to leave, then we felt buggy, then we were ready to go/tired, but I did feel magical, endorphinal, a great relief, a rush of renewal — rejuvenated. Like I want to go back there every day and STUDY every leaf and slant of light on every tree, every shade of color of lichen and shape of … well, you get me on this. But we don’t consider it safe for me to do that. I need a hike/study buddy. Any takers? Camera, sketch book in hand? C’mon!

I’ve had steady awful headaches yesterday and today, yesterday more than today — but, what gives? argh — hangin in with them. So much so that despite the empty poolside when we came back from the hike I dared not swim, LEST my migraine get any worse, and headed for bed. DRAT. But I am oddly more patient today and yesterday with resting than I was all week. Not sure if it’s because Jason’s home and is helping with TLC and Chipper care, or if it’s the great B12 news, or the mysterious barometric pressure? who knows for sure?

Tomorrow I’ll send out my monthly update since there is a peak of news from here, which is good, because that means I’ll hear from dear friends again.

My goal for the week is to finish the bare sketch for Cedar Breaks National Monument, taking pictures for the Paiute children’s Powerpoint all along, then at least beginning the watercolor before the weekend, if not making some real progress on that by mid-week. An exciting, inspiring goal.

I also would like to take some pics of the garden. I changed my mind about documenting, now that it is peaking, realizing that it will leave us, that no garden is ever the same twice, that it deserves it, that why not? fun! so maybe some pics this week here and there of that little garden drama unfolding. ? hee

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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