Cedar Breaks Progress V, Turtle Crossing

Made lots of progress on the painting yesterday afternoon, after resting with a migraine and aches most of the day, hot beans. We did wash Chipper as well in the morning, and he smelled a combination of roses and wet dog which was wonderful. He was thrilled for the spa time and snuggled into bed on the also newly-washed, and warm from the dryer comforter. Sometimes snuggling is the best option for a Sunday morning, and Jason encouraged us. Sometimes I feel extremely guilty laying down and resting. Lazy. So part of Jason’s and my job is to remind me that it is okay to simply rest and meditate, process, what have you … i.e., snuggle.

Today on the walk we saw an ENORMOUS, 1.5 foot shell longways Turtle on the top of the bog during our walk. At first, I thought someone had left a bag of trash up there but then it looked more defined, and then it looked like a turtle and then it stuck it’s head out to look at me more closely and then well, it was definitely a huge turtle. Chipper and I stopped at the top of the bog, the end. It was in the middle, and it started to finish what it was doing in the first place, apparently — to cross the bog to the other side, to where the rainwater drains and makes a pool of fresh water and nice fresh GRASS. It was after the fresh water I assume, having endured or gotten tired of whatever was on the other side, or just wanting a break, grass is always greener, what have you … It was the most amazing Turtle I’ve ever seen up close, only having seen small, like inch and a half, to four or six and half inch turtles up close, trapped in the middle of the road and saved by significant others. And the turtles we had growing up, loved ’em.

This turtle was not to be trifled with, that was for sure, the way he held his head, not that we would have disturbed it in any way, holding Chipper and I to our ground, not that Chipper wanted to go ANY closer. It was solid black-brown with golden-brown tipping, just beautiful and regal, there, moving at decent pace. ¬†It finished its crossing of the three more feet across the tip of the bog edge, into the taller grasses down the bank, maybe six more feet angling down into the water, and stopped to look back, our sign that we could continue safely, which we did. Chipper, even so, was leery, perhaps picking up the scent of the turtle most strongly where it had been. But we passed, me in amazement, shaking my head at the timing, having slept in horribly because of last night’s storms, it being that time of August.

Back to the painting. I’m still, let it be known, not using any finer a brush than the Loew-Corneill (sp?) fine round brush I started with. Now I’ll probably have to switch when it comes to the Cedar background, the sandy foreground, to a wash brush. I did have to pick out a hair that gone right-angled to the brush yesterday which could have done some damage, but it came out easily. That was probably from some aggressive color-mixing I had been doing, oops! But a better brush would not have had a worry with that.

Also, for the most part, I am not allowing myself to brush over another stroke, unless it is for effect or to correct a gap or something I perceive to be a problem in a prior stroke. That gives you a lot of clarity from the pigment of the initial stroke. When you go over with another stroke, sure you get more pigment, but you damage something that was raw and clear about the first stroke, something that is unique to watercolor, something hard to describe. Now, I’ve seen this done with mediums used to thin down acrylic paints/pigments, but I have not been patient enough to do this, because I love acrylics for completely different reasons. And if I can do it in watercolor, why would I bother to use plastics, basically, to TRY to get the same effect as watercolor. Doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather just enjoy acrylics for why they are intrinsically cool in their own state.

So this is an idea that you will be happy that I have not explored. I eat smoothies every morning, well, every morning except for those that Jason is sweet enough to make me pancakes. I use two bananas, lots of strawberries, ice, soy milk. Anyway. That’s a lot of bananas. And they go through various shapes and arrangements and spots and colors throughout the week, sometimes starting bright green, going to yellow and brown. I wanted to do a banana cam. I admit it. I’m that silly. See, I told you you’d be happy I hadn’t explored it. That’s kind of how tropical I am at heart. I HEART you banana-growers of the world, wherever you are. Maybe they’d like the banana cam idea. Oh, stop.

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