Cedar Breaks Progress IX

The first layer of the cedar background is thusly completed! Whew! (wipes brow) That’s a lot of work for a tiny round brush, I must say. I did change up the mix with a little blue and white added for the last top layer, but the rest of the green was a mix of five green strokes to two brown, Burnt Umber, I believe, my darkest brown.

I sent a photo to Gaylord Robb, my contact with the Paiute Tribe, this morning, afeared that I had strayed too far from the original photo, but he said I’m doing a great job and loves the painting thus far. Yay! So, what a relief. We painters, artists, can get so strained beyond our esteem and think that we are not doing well alone in our studios. This despite the fact that Jason loves it, I love it, etc. Crazy. So that’s all good.

Now next will be the exquisite foreground to try to recreate. And I’m really not being mean, but shy, by not showing the original photo to you. Again, lest you think I’m not worthy. Heh. Truly. You’ll freak. I freak. Nature is awesome. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tectonic plates leaving these marvelous ridges and colors and ochres and pillars and such. Oh, My.

Had contact with Mark, the diagnostic editor for my novel, today, and all bodes well, but the task needs a bit more time, a few more weeks. No worries, no rush. So that’s all good. We emailed a bit about the wonders of Buddhism and the neuroplasticity of the mind, self-awareness, etc. Yes.

Feeling tons better yesterday and even more so today. Upheavals of huge sadness but not like it’s my whole life to be sad anymore. Yay! Something huge has lifted. Was it the haircut? Was it my counselor saying it was okay to lighten up on the grieving on Tuesday? Heh. I mean, I know I am impressionable, but that was a block of meh that was weighing me down for six weeks … maybe its time had come. I did need the haircut tho.

Painted this morning and then rested, almost like a normal day for me today. With my usual energy level. Great! Headache pressure and aches and pains per usual, nothing out of the ordinary frame. Spoke with the neurologist, the 3-week follow-up call, no need to raise medication levels, call me in 2 weeks. Yay! The migraines have been down to nearly nothing for about a week now, with occasional spikes when I’m outside, or under stress, but they go back down again, amazing.

Yesterday I had my evaluation with the physical therapist and she said my lymph system is just too overwhelmed and fragile right now for her to suggest any exercises. There is some sort of PENS unit that she wants to try on Monday but she refers me to a super wonderful lymph specialist, for whom I’m now on a wait list and cancellation list now. Kay. I’ll do what they tell me to get this chronic swelling over my shoulders (for years now?) to go away. It puzzles and disturbs us because it is supposed to go away and it has not. So, we’re on the case. Yay.

Progress on many fronts to report. Por fin. Finally. Glad to hear it. Here comes the hurricane. Still many disturbing emails nationally and internationally coming in that keep me concerned and sending good thoughts back out when I meditate. Sending good thoughts out to you! Always!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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